Types of Inflatables

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Types of Inflatables

Cold Air Inflatables  (Constant airflow inflatables)
Most inflatable that we make are considered “cold air inflatables.” The term came about early on in the days of inflatable advertising to distinguish between traditional hot air balloons and this new form of inflatable. Simply put cold air inflatables stay inflatable by fan that constantly runs. The static air pressure from the fan keeps the inflatable in shape.  Cold air inflatables do not fly. They are tethered to the ground or a roof top. Cold air inflatables are made from PVC coated nylon and are the most durable and longest lasting type of inflatable.  The most common shapes are characters, tunnels, arches, product replicas, games, gorillas, signs, parade floats, stage props, architectural structures and costumes. The possibilities are virtually endless as to what we can make.

Helium Inflatables
Helium inflatables are air tight inflatables that are filled with helium and are specifically designed to float in the air. We are not talking about simple balloons that you buy from the store, but durable, reusable and most of the time very large, advertising devices.  The blimp and sphere shapes are the most common, but we can also produce a nearly any custom shape. Helium inflatables are used in a variety of settings such as retail, tradeshow, events, sports games, parades etc.

Wind Dances
Wind dancer inflatables get their name from the fun and distinct movement they make. This dancing effect is created as the air traveling through the fabric tube constantly escapes through the openings at the top of the inflatable. The material used is a very light weight rip stop which allows for maximum movement and durability. Wind dancers can be customized to a variety of shapes. These dancing inflatables are used in a variety of settings such as retail, events, concerts, etc.

POP Sealed Air Inflatables

Point of Purchase (POP) Sealed Air Inflatables smaller inflatables that are blown up and capped off just like a beach ball. They are made from a thin and flexible PVC material. Generally produced in high quantities, POP sealed air inflatables are used in widely in retail displays, promotional items and event marketing. Sealed air inflatables can be a character, toy, logo, product replica, prop, raft, tube or even furniture.