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Best Friends Animal Society

Best Friends Animal Society came to us with a need to attract more attention to their animal adoptions. Together we came up with a concept of an inflatable cat & dog sitting together. The customer had a unique requirement that the two images be connect so they could be inflatable by one blower. We were able to accomplish this and produce an inflatable that has really helped them advertise their animal adoptions.  



Jenny-O Turkey

JT Mega, the advertising agency for the Jennie-O Turkey, called us with an idea they had to promote their client during the Thanksgiving season. Together we came up with this giant inflatable turkey shape.  



Inflatable Scooby Doo for 127 Hours Movie

In the movie “127 Hours” the main character is having memories of a Scooby Doo character at a party that he once attended. He then starts to hallucinate and sees a mini version of the Scooby Doo right by him.  In order to film this effect the movie crew asked us to create two Scooby Doo inflatables, one giant inflatable to be used for the party scenes and one small inflatable to be used in the desert during the hallucinations. We produced both and you can see our work if you see the movie!



Inflatable Android Costume for Metro PCS

Metro PCS specializes in Android phone sales. They wanted an effective way to increase awareness about their phone plans. They came to us with the Andriod logo and we created a fun inflatable costume for them. They started using it on the The costume was so effective that several region managers called and order a costume for their region.