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General Questions

Q1: What types of inflatables are there?

A1: Cold air inflatables which are also called forced air inflatables, POP sealed air inflatables, helium inflatables and wind dancer inflatables.

Q2: How long does the ordering process take?

A2: Most inflatables take 2-3 weeks to build. For larger quantities it can take a little longer. If you are buying an inflatable that we have in stock we are typically able to ship it within 1-2 days.


Cold Air Inflatables (Pushed Air Inflatables)

Q1: What shapes can you make?

A1: Just to name a few… characters, arches, tunnels, tents, logos, product replicas, kiosks, games, educational tools, stage props, blimps, signs, toys, costumes, art pieces bouncies, etc. Basically we can make anything. The versatility of inflatable products is truly endless. We have been in the business for over 30 years and we are still surprised by new innovations that develop as we work with our customers.

Q2: How do I order a custom shape?

A2: Simply call or email us and tell us your idea. We can start from a photo, drawing, rendering, illustration or even just a verbal description. Our team will take your concept and turn it into digital proofs for your revision. With your approval we put it in to product. If you have any questions or comments please call us. We really do know the world of inflatables inside and out and can help guide you along the process.

Q3: How long do cold air inflatables last?

A3: Cold air inflatables are the most durable type of inflatable. The life span really depends on how well it is taken care of. If the inflatable is kept clean and is properly maintained the life span should be between 1½ -10 years. Some people use their inflatables 356 days a year and some people use theirs periodically for events and such. This will have an impact on the lifespan.

Q4: What are they made out of?

A4: Cold air inflatables are made out of a PVC coated nylon material. This is the best material for durability since it is weather resistant, tear resistance and very strong.

Q5: Where can my inflatable be used?

A5: Inflatables are great because they can be used in a variety of ways. The traditional ways are to install a giant advertising inflatable on a rooftop or on the ground. Inflatables can also be used in many innovative ways as well such suspended from a ceiling, hanging off a building, floating in water etc. Ask our team about special applications and ideas.

Q6: How do I install my inflatable?

A6: Cold air inflatables are tied in place. Ropes go from D-ring anchor points on the inflatable to study anchor points below. When installing on the ground for an extended period of time it is bet to time on to large stakes which are driven 24”-36” inches into the ground. For short term use, the inflatable can be anchored to surrounding elements such as water barrels, light poles, trees etc. When installing on the roof, it can be tied onto eyelets that are fastened into the structure.

Q7: How do I clean my inflatable?

A7: Inflatables last longer when they are kept clean. It is best to clean the inflatable every few months of use. Do not use harsh chemicals. Simple Green or some other mild cleaner is best to use. Keep the inflatable inflated and spray with a power washer then scrub down with a semi-stiff brush. Do not spray too close or with too much force from the power washer. Let the inflatable dry completely before you pack it away.

Q8: What if my inflatable rips?

A8: Since there is constant air flow and air pressure, small holes and rips will not affect the performance of a cold air inflatable very much. Small rips can be handled with Tear Aid which can be purchased at most hardware stores. Simply hold the tear closed and apply the adhesive strips of Tear Aid. For larger rips you have a few options. First, you can always send it back to us for repair. Or to save on shipping costs, you can contact a local company that has sewing capabilities such as boat cover companies, upholstery companies, bounce house companies, tent and tarp companies etc.

Q9: Does my inflatable need power?

A9: Yes. Your inflatable will stay inflated by a continuously running fan. As long as the balloon is up the fan will need to be on. The fans we sell are very heavy duty and are meant for extended use.

Q10: Does my inflatable fly?

A10: Cold air inflatable do not fly but our helium products do.


Helium Inflatables

Q1: How long do helium inflatables last?

A1: Helium shapes are incredibly effective for advertising, but they take effort to maintain. They will basically last as long as they are kept away from strong winds and sharp objects.

Q2: What shapes can be made?

A2: We can make most shapes but there are a few limiting factors when dealing with helium inflatables. Some shapes are too small, too complex, or too abnormal to make work.

Q3: What material are helium inflatable made out of?

A3: Helium inflatables are made from a very durable PVC material. They are not simply latex like the balloons you buy at the store. These inflatables are commercial grade.

Q4: Where do I get helium?

A4: In all major metropolis areas there are companies that rent tanks of helium. A simple internet search for helium providers should help you find one of these vendors.


Dancing Inflatables

Q1: How long do dancing inflatables last?

A1: The blower will last for years but the actual dancing tube structure typically last between 2-12 months. It really depends on how often they are used.

Q2: Does a dancing inflatable need to be plugged in?

A2: Yes. Dancing inflatable stay in motion by a fan which needs to always needs to be plugged in. Yu can use extension cords to extend the reach.